Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mason student falls to his death

Yesterday at 3:14pm, after Carlos came by with the news, I im'ed Will to see if he knew anything (since he works on that side of campus):

theAlphaJohn: have you heard about the JC?
Will: yeah
Will: i was actually eating in the bistro when it happend
theAlphaJohn: wtf?
theAlphaJohn: what happened?
Will: dude or lady fell four stories
Will: and died i think
theAlphaJohn: no idea if they jumped or were pushed or it was an accident
Will: no idea
Will: actually the body fell right in front of danny
theAlphaJohn: omg no way
Will: yeah
Will: he went home and refused to talk to the media
theAlphaJohn: holy shit i would too
theAlphaJohn: is the media there?
Will: they were
Will: there have been a lot of calls to this office but so far none deal with me
Will: just press releases
Will: stuff like that
theAlphaJohn: what does the release say? something bad happened and it's being investigated?
Will: i would bet so
Will: but the fucked up thing is josh and i were eating in the bistro when the kid fell and when the cops were there
Will: and we had no idea what happened
Will: they cleaned it up hella quick

I was hoping the news would have more information, but not-so-much right now:

Student Falls to His Death at GMU
Jan 10th - 6:10am

FAIRFAX, Va. - George Mason University Police are investigating how a 27-year-old student fell three stories to his death at the university's student center.

The man was with a group of students when he fell from an open-air staircase to the tile floor below shortly after noon Tuesday, investigators say. He died at a hospital.

It is unclear whether the man was pushed or jumped.

Although school is not yet in session, the building was crowded with people preparing for the start of classes.

People saw the body falling and saw him land, but no one saw him go over the side, school spokesman Dan Walsh says.

Investigators are talking with the man's wife and the people who were with him.

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Your former dotted-line boss, Tom said...

Looked for this story on the 11pm news on NBC4 last night but there was no mention of the fall. Odder still was the fact that the anchors showed pictures of the George Mason statue when talking about the brief snow fall seen on campus. I was expecting them to make the "and on a sad note..." transition.