Thursday, January 04, 2007

Six Years in my personal Gitmo...

...came to an end this morning:

OMG is payback a bitch. The comments on Wonkette from the trolling opposition are hysterical:

Where's (1) mandate daily reading of Koran in every elemntary school classroom, (2) abolish Christmas Trees and Easter, (3) put Charles Drawin's face on the $1 dollar bill, (4) humbly surrender to Al Queada ... and Japan and (5) appoint Michael Fox head of NIH?

I need to add Redstate to Google Reader so I can get my daily dose of schaudenfreude! This is the graphic on their front page today:

There are no words for the delight I will feel for the next two years. I might have swerve to avoid little children in parking lots from now on.

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