Monday, January 08, 2007

iTunes and box checking

I know that over time, all of you populists rewrite history and pretend that you were an early adopter too.

I tend to be an early adopter. The rest of you benefit from the beta testing that my fellow mavens and I do.

I bought a 2nd Gen iPod (the first 20GB model) in March of 2003, right after iTunes for Windows came out. This was long before I got my Powerbook and made the switch to the dark side.

There is a magic check box in iTunes:

Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized it says. Until this weekend, that box was never checked. Why? Because I used to have a page on my website that listed all of my MP3s, which did so off a copy of my music files that used the organizational structure I developed for my MP3s in 1998 when all you motherfuckers were still hiding in caves; afraid of the sun and shit.

Anyway, I don't have that page on my website anymore, but I still keep a replica of all my MP3s out on my server. I deleted all my MP3s on kaitain, checked the box, then began rsync'ing them back up. It will probably take 10 days to get them all back in sync.

In the process, I took a look and noticed that iTunes had not put things where I expected. Then I found this delightful bit of faggotry:

The Is Compilation attribute is a point of disagreement between iTunes and I. If this album is all songs spun by DJ Irene, then it's not a compilation. A compilation implies that the album contains a variety of artists, not a variety of songs all spun by an artist.

You don't agree with me? Then explain why the fuck a Pink album is marked compilation in Gracenote? Are you telling me because The Indigo Girls collaborated with her on Dear Mr. President it's a fucking compilation album?

The people at Gracenote need to fattened up like Thanksgiving turkeys and sent back in time to Jeffrey Dahmer's dinner table, cause they're fucking useless.

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