Monday, December 12, 2005

A Crime-Fighting Source of Potassium

First, thanks to Trevin for being on the ball with "Odd News from Alpha John's Hometown". Given the current battle I'm having over my transfer credit from ACC, the timing could not be more appropriate.

Capital 9 News (our motto: "Not only do we blow, but we rake our teeth") broke the story about the mis-adventures of Banana Boy, a crime-fighting super fruit whose secret identity is none other than local ACC student Chris Phelps (motto: "Bay Road Polytech -- 7 years or bust!"). I'll let the crack news team give you the skinny:

Chris Phelps is a mild-mannered 20-year-old ACC student and cameraman at WNCE-TV 8 in Glens Falls. His alter ego is Banana Boy, a crime fighter and cast member of TV 8's sketch show "The Ravacon."


While shooting a fight scene in Hudson Falls on Thursday a Washington County Sheriff's Deputy noticed Banana Boy and two members of his bunch.

The deputy mistook the act for a real knife-point attack and immediately took action.

Make believe mugger Luke Van Scoy said, "All the sudden we just heard screaming and I looked over and there was the gun pointed at me. It was such a serious moment for me. So I immediately dropped the knife and kind of put my hands up and took off my wig and mask."

Now come on, are you fist-fucking me? A County Sheriff's Deputy thought a mugging that involved someone dressed as a food group demanded he pull his gun?

Phelps said, "Banana Boy in this situation would probably fly away if he thought he was going to be arrested. But Banana Boy wouldn't really be arrested."

But Phelps and his crew were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. And in character or not, they'll be in Hudson Falls Village Court on December 15.

This dude is a total fucking space ranger. Then again, I've come a long way from my ACC days, fixated on the popcorn machine, the master plan, and the SUNY Vortex.

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