Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sappy Softcore

I finally had to turn the Happy Hardcore off. I felt like I'd spent a week subsisting on nothing but Jager Bombs. iTunes was only too happy to accomodate me with a Michael Tolcher tune of the "lay your prom date" genre. I mean, whatever.

It occurs to me that I've had 2.5 liters (or litres, depending on which side of the pond you call home) of water today and I haven't been to the bathroom. As I suspected: dehydrated.

I went over to NVCC at lunch to get a class schedule for Spring so I can get myself registered. I've been working on this for literally hours now, and while this sort of thing typically comes easy to me, right now:

(a.) Robot Dog
(b.) Build-a-bear workshop
(c.) so much
(d.) not so much


Answer: (d.) not so much

I did a little thing this morning on lumdev.net as an overview of LUM, my new Luminis User Management system. I sprung wood when I figured out how to write "SOLUTION FRAMEWORK" in there and make it sound legit.

Now if I can just look busy until I have to leave for my appointment with Kim to renew the lease on my hair.

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