Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sometimes good news comes in bad packages


Subject: Followup to our meeting yesterday
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 09:22:45 -0500
From: Alison O'Brien
To: John Eisenschmidt
CC: Pam Allen, Jan Ward


After checking further with Assistant Dean Pam Allen, I wanted to get
back to you on our discussion on Monday. Based on your comments
regarding the one course needed at NVCC to complete your Associate of
Arts or Associate of Science (not sure which), it makes more sense for
you to request a delay in your acceptance to Mason, complete your degree
at NVCC and then reapply to Mason. You can return to NVCC to complete
your degree, even though you have applied to Mason; this is refreshing
since it makes sense to me pedagogically, and economically.

Before you request a delay, please make an appointment with an academic
advisor at NVCC to confirm how many courses you have left in your degree
program. Please also confirm that you will be awarded an Associate of
Arts or an Associate of Science degree, not the applied degree Associate
of Applied Science. The rules for transfer and general education
requirement satisfaction are quite different with these types of degrees.

Please note that if you do decide to complete your degree at NVCC, you
need to drop the courses that your are registered for at Mason for
spring 06 through Patriot Web. If your degree will be completed at NVCC
in the spring, you can reapply to Mason and begin your coursework during
the summer term, after a reevaluation of your transfer status. At that
point, I strongly recommend you meet with one of the academic advisors
in the School of Management. Jan Ward is our area expert on DMIS and
you can make an appointment with her by calling 703-993-1880.

Best regards,
Alison O'Brien

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