Thursday, December 22, 2005

I can't program under these conditions

Funny, I thought I quit working at the circus to take this job...?

theAlphaJohn: Charlie (another manager) just stopped by
theAlphaJohn: i heard you just got pinned
Kirsten (boss #1): too funny
theAlphaJohn: did you have to yield the WWE/GMU Intercollegete Trophy to Charlie for 2005?
Kirsten (boss #1): WWF - world wrestling federation....
theAlphaJohn: it's WWE now
theAlphaJohn: the World Wildlife Foundation beat Vince McMahon in court
Kirsten (boss #1): i put up a good fight...
Kirsten (boss #1): picture this...
Kirsten (boss #1): charlie on top of me, my on the floor on my back, and Tom (boss #2) down on his knees and face of the floor counting..
theAlphaJohn: and i missed it?
theAlphaJohn: shit

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