Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Hour becomes Happy Evening (sans Happy Ending)

Lisa (right) was nice enough to plan a pre-holiday happy hour for all the former and current FELD crew, so the first stop of the evening was Ringmasters. The highlight of the evening was when Christine (pictured left), who used to work for me, first grilled me about my sexuality ("Are you gay? Are you bi? You've never slept with a man?") then in the car on the way to Carpool in Herndon asks me if I was ever attracted to her.

Lisa and Christine left Michael and I at Carpool with Robert and Ankur, then we headed back to FELD where Garrett was still working. We picked him up at 11:00pm and headed over to Mr. Smith's for an evening of brew and skankary. Around 2:00am we packed it in and Michael went home so Garrett and I ran for the border and mistakenly had a Taco Bell night cap.

So once again, a nice 6:00pm happy hour turns into an all night happy evening (sans happy ending).

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