Monday, January 16, 2006

The Curse of the Gold Stratus Part IV

The WRX failed emissions for the second time. I left a message with USAA that they're going to need to put me back into a rental while they fix the leak, the defroster, and return the car when it has passed emissions.

This is bullshit.


thecardaddy said...

i told you to fight with them about getting the goddamned car written off.

the Alpha John said...

I wish we all had your uber Jewness for fighting, but sadly with the estimate at only 45% of residual and no idea that it would take 40 days to fix, they weren't having any of that. With the actual repairs being over $1000 more the first time through and the rental being over $1000, yeah I think you could sell it.


boris859 said...