Wednesday, February 08, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: DC City Council does something

Besides ban smoking, that is.

I'll admit, I haven't been paying attention to the National's stadium deal except the bits and pieces I pick up in the news. I made it to one game this past season with Joey and Andrew which promptly ended their winning streak. Suffice to say, I've stayed away.

After voting "No" yesterday to the latest stadium lease, the DC Council (motto: Until I get some bling you don't get nothing) voted four hours later to approve the deal with a spending cap. No word yet as to whether MLB will approve the lease or not.

How is it that we live in a town full of aspiring politicians -- little mutant hill staffers and aides who think they know everything and can change the world -- and yet none of them have made a push to get into DC politics (or shit, even Baltimore politics)? How hard could it possibly be to take over 9 wards and the Mayor's seat in DC?

I know there are people out there with polysci degrees or that are simply more well read than I am (like that's hard) that are like "you're out of your skull", but c'mon. If we can install puppet governments around the world, shouldn't a bunch of 20-something martini drinkers who fetch their Senator's lunch be able to turn this shit around? As an incentive, your victory celebration could be conducted in THE MOBILE COMMAND CENTER.

It will be like Space Camp, only with black people in it.


Anonymous said...

The bitch set me up! G-spOt

thecardaddy said...

that smoking ban pisses me off. the cigarette in the bar is much less dangerous than the potential cap in yo ass you could get trying to walk back to your car. and not just any car. trying to safely walk back to your mercedes. ha.

stupid dc. this city blows.