Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Your Kaitain Update

For those of you itching for an update...

: : cricket : : : : cricket : :

  • I was able to get Apache up and running last night and all the virtual hosts happy as little clams. The httpd.conf never was so clean.

  • I migrated the Perl Modules required to make my mod_perl sites run over from the busted drives last night. My sites are running outside of the chroot jails, but need to be fixed to run inside of them. Considering how I program, that's going to take a minute.

  • DNS for eisenschmidt.com has propogated, and I'm beginning the slow task of making .COM the primary source for everything, with .NET and .ORG as squatters.

  • Since it generates so many questions, and hasn't made sense since 1999 when I registered .ORG, I may drop 'jweisen' as my handle and change it to something more fitting. Stay turned for that unexciting bit of madness.

To Do:

  • Get Wireless back up and running in the house

  • Move Kaitain back into the rack under UPS power

  • Backup scripts (backups at all) and get cron jobs back in place

I may need to take time off of work for this, it's like a full time job.

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