Monday, February 27, 2006

Gluing Humpty-Kaitain Back Together Again

Thanks to George Email and DNS are back up and running. I just corrected some WHOIS errors that were causing not to work correctly and updating some contact information on a few of the domains (which I thought I fixed nine months ago).

Today I'm working to get all the websites back up, which is turning into a bigger deal than it should (most likely because 100% of my coffee is still in my cup and not in my tummy). Now that I've got a patched raidframe kernel and I can mount my old drives, the "big deal" is no longer getting the data, it's getting all the sloppy programming I've done to behave in an Apache chroot.

And Kirsten just walked in and gave me the pony I've always wanted. How random is that?


mere said...

ooohhh!! pony pony!

the Alpha John said...

If only I could feed it oats and hay and apples and sugar cubes, then my life-long dreams of pony ownership could finally come true.