Saturday, February 11, 2006

Music :: DJ AtomX - The February MiX 2006

It's been a year since I discovered an obscure trance DJ from Southern Maryland on the Groovenauts forums for DC Club Glow, but just in time for our anniversary DJ AtomX (a.k.a. Big Jim Slade) has managed to spin my new favorite mix:
From: Big Jim Slade
Date: Saturday, February 11, 2006
Subject: The February Mix. Peak Hour Trance!

Nothing but peak hour bangin trance/tech here for this month, so if your one of those who likes there music to build , listen to a prog set and then download this. here we go:

1. Friend Or Foe- JK Walker (original mix)
2. Pictures- Timo Mass (PVD remix)
3. Puma- Sunny Lax (original mix)
4. Static Bullet- Ton TB (Jochen Miller remix)
5. People Are People- Depeche Mode vs Tony Arzadon (Tonys original mix/AtomX H.O.U.S.E. version
6. Damager- Scott Mac (Marc Zimmons remix)
7. The Loves We Lost- Allure (original mix)
8. Take A Ride- Shocksteady (Shocksteadys brazillian wax mix)
9. Hung Up- Madonna vs K.I. (bootleg vinyl/AtomX H.O.U.S.E. version
10. System Overload- Fred Baker vs Fred Nash (original mix)
11. Monday Bar- Nic Chagall (original mix)

and here are the links: Copy and paste

Number 1 and Number 2

No idea how long the You Send It links are going to work, but there they is.

He's right though, Progressive Trance is for tossers.

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Big Jim Slade said...

There seems to be more than one Big Jim Slade in the world. I'm from Virginia, where as DJ AtomX is from Maryland. I've created a page telling about where the name Big Jim Slade comes from. It is