Thursday, February 09, 2006

Girls: Boozers, Users, and Losers

My friends at the Washington Post published this article today detailing a study which shows teenage girls are beating teenage boys now in the war on drugs:

Teenage girls, having caught up to their male counterparts in illegal drug use and alcohol consumption, now have the dubious distinction of surpassing boys in smoking and prescription drug abuse. In the past two years, in fact, more young women than men started using marijuana, alcohol and cigarettes, according to government findings being released today.


"It's really sad the girls are winning," said Warren Seigel, chairman of pediatrics at Brooklyn's Coney Island Hospital. "This isn't the game they should be winning at."

Adolescent girls who smoke, drink or take drugs are at a higher risk of depression, addiction and stunted growth. And because substance abuse often goes hand in hand with risky sexual behavior, they are more likely to contract a sexually transmitted disease or become pregnant, warns the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, which will announce its findings in New York.

This is the kind of shit that made me (more of) a head case when I was growing up. What you're telling me is, if I act like a teenager and do a little drinking and end up naked with one or more fellow teenagers, someone is going end up pissing blood and with child?

I call shenanigans on this bullshit data.

And no I'm not stretching, the advocates who don't like this data want that kind of spin on this, they want you to be afraid that the virgin you have safe sex with might give you herpes. Kids who are afraid, they fear, aren't going to mess around.

That is, until they get to college and end up playing "the extra" in every threesome on campus. Not that I would know anything about that...

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I read this with my pants down around my ankles! G-spOt