Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Online Training Tools

I wanted to take a quick second to plug two online training tools you might find useful if you're working out, swimming, or just a huge tool.

The first is UberHuge, a lovely little tool written by Feld Alum Hunter Daley. Uberhuge is designed to log and manage your workouts and any dietary supplements you might be taking. It's like a personal trainer, only it doesn't call and cancel on you 7 days in a row. (Bitter much Alpha John?) It's a neat tool, and the author is fun to drink with.

The second is Dynoswim, a database of swim workouts that you can draw from or add to. While I've never gotten drunk with Dean and Josh, they were very interested to find out where I found out about Dynoswim (the message boards on the US Masters Swimming website), and were quick to make changes based on some feedback I gave them. Very cool guys, very nice site.

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