Friday, February 17, 2006

More inane discussion about my dating season

Chatting with Kristin, an old coworker of mine:
Kristin: so are you doing anything tomorrow night?
theAlphaJohn: i dont think so -- why what's going on?
Kristin: I think a bunch of people are meeting at Sully's in Chantilly
Kristin: I don't know if you ever knew Sunny who used to work in our dept
theAlphaJohn: no
Kristin: she's the lead singer of Dr. fu
Kristin: and we're going out to see her
Kristin: Heather and her husband
Kristin: I think Kathleen is going
Kristin: maybe Nicole and her husband
Kristin: possibly Whitney and her husband, although I doubt it
theAlphaJohn: she's cute
Kristin: Whitney? Yeah...
theAlphaJohn: no sunny
Kristin: yeah, she is too
Kristin: married
theAlphaJohn: of course. it was either that or gay.
Kristin: but if you're not doing anything, you should go
theAlphaJohn: like i want to hang out with a bunch of married people on a saturday night
theAlphaJohn: and kathleen
Kristin: ...
Kristin: well we're not the only people who will be there
Kristin: and my husband's not going
theAlphaJohn: but you're married
Kristin: so?
Kristin: I'm married and you're not and we're going to Prodigy...
theAlphaJohn: that's Prodigy at Nation, not Dr. Fu in Chantilly
theAlphaJohn: my future ex-wife is not at Sully's
Kristin: ok, fair enough
theAlphaJohn: we're fast approaching the beginning of my 2006 dating season
Kristin: the beginning of your 2006 dating season??? it's nearly March... what are you waiting for?
theAlphaJohn: patience dear, it's not for 2 1/2 more months
Kristin: oh - ok...
Kristin: you don't start dating again until April???
theAlphaJohn: link
Kristin: although if you were going to Ultra I bet it would start a couple weeks early
theAlphaJohn: ...
theAlphaJohn: what does a giant rave in Miami have to do with anything? it's not like im celebate out of dating season
theAlphaJohn: i'm just
theAlphaJohn: my mating season is year round, but my dating season is may-september
Kristin: ah...
Kristin: alrighty...
theAlphaJohn: don't act like my strangeness is something new
theAlphaJohn: we worked together for a very long time
Kristin: I'm not acting like the strangeness itself is new
Kristin: merely discovering its facets as we go


Anonymous said...

Sully's?!-That's even worse than anywhere in Manassas! G-spOt

KristIn (that's with an i) aka KK said...

I couldn't agree more! But Dr. Fu is worth it! And a $70 tab on mixed drinks for 4 people all night long - THAT'S NOT BAD! Though still not a good enough reason to go unless Dr. Fu is playing.

BTW, I suppose I need to keep in mind that anything I say to John E is subject to publishing! Thanks for asking JOHN!!!