Monday, February 06, 2006

Luminis CPIP Connector Training: Day 1

I'm in four days of training this week for the Campus Pipeline Interface Protocol (CPIP) for integrating our existing web applications into the Luminis Portal.

I am just about one hour into the training, and so far:
Number of new facts learned: Zero
Ounces of coffee consumed today: Zero
Number of SCT Trainers who speak in iambic pentameter: One
Days of training remaining: Three
Pieces of bite-sized candy consumed: Seven (three of those were kit kats)

Useless acronyms thus far:
CPIP - campus pipeline integration protocol
ES - external system
EAS - external authentican system (vis a vie LDAP)
GCF - generic connector framework
LDAP - lightweight directory access protocol

I know all you marketing types need to go change your underwear.
The best part is that our trainer, who loves to travel by his own admission, is sweating balls and looks like he's going to have a heart attack in the next hour.


Annie said...

I don't know if that sounds great or horrible.

Banjax said...

horrible - most trainers are utterly incompetent marketing wankers. Hopefully your trainer won't launch into his impression of Phil Hartman playing "unfrozen caveman lawyer"...

Chris Fontenot said...

was your trainer's name scott?