Monday, March 20, 2006

Authentic Colonial Living

Susann: i saw your blog post. went to school in the burg, if you need any recommendations on fun things to do/places to stay
theAlphaJohn: i knew that actually
theAlphaJohn: i thought you might enjoy a trip to BG
Susann: i hate amusement parks
Susann: im a scaredy cat
Susann: but theres lots of fun stuff in burg
theAlphaJohn: like...?
Susann: the greenleafe
Susann: chownings
Susann: its a fun fun tavern
Susann: there's gambling and beer drinking
Susann: in a colonial way
theAlphaJohn: nice
Susann: and you have to eat bread ends and house at the cheese shoppe
theAlphaJohn: you should plan your trip to coincide with mine, i want to do fun stuff like that
theAlphaJohn: plus ride davinci's cradle
Susann: and go to the biergarten at BG
Susann: stay at the hospitality house
Susann: or the williamsburg lodge
theAlphaJohn: can i nail an authentic colonial skank?
Susann: probably at chownings
theAlphaJohn: what do they smell like?
theAlphaJohn: wash water?
theAlphaJohn: flint?
theAlphaJohn: horse and buggy?
Susann: hay

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Annie said...

Mmmmmm...bread ends and house...

I'm a King's Arms girl myself.