Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mason Makes the Final Four

After the Patriots beat U Conn 86 to 84 in overtime, I and a few other fair-weather fans joined the heros welcome at the Patriot Center this evening at 7:00pm.


Banjax said...

Perhaps you now have a sense of why I go nuts every year for the basketball tourney and deal with my yearly mini-depression when Kansas manages to fail (again) in spectacular fashion.

Seriously...congrats...awesome what Mason has done. Simply incredible.

Anonymous said...

I've been following college basketball for over 25 years now.-This is unbelievable and I think tops what is considered the biggest upset in college basketball history-Tiny Chaminade college from Hawaii upsetting number 1 Virginia in 1982. This is friggin' George Mason!-Come on! On a side note,people probably don't remember the great Carlos Yates who played at Mason in the 80's.-Yates actually led the nation in scoring one year and was a heck of a nice guy. I met him right after he was done playing at Mason.-He was working for my friend's Dad putting up satellite dishes.-I think he was trying to catch on with a team in Europe but it didn't work out. He apparently hit "rock" bottom and got involved in selling drugs.He was arrested and became an informant.He ended up getting gun downed while in a phone booth talking to his police contact.Obviously somebody caught on.Anyway,he was the best player in George Mason history and I wanted to remember him here...

I was so amped up watching that game that it made me ill. I thought I was having a heart attack but I figured it was just massive heartburn from the Hungry Man Sports Grill Dinner I ate in about 5 seconds at half time!

Alpha John,good on ya mate for going over to the celebration.-You'll never forget it. You da man!


Annie said...

I remember when Hawaii upset UVA. It was awesome, even though we were rooting for the Hoos. Gotta love the underdog -- The Dance was made for them!