Thursday, March 09, 2006

Gaining Ground in the War on MySpace

Montgomery County, MD has finally apologized for the smoking ban (when I was still a smoker) by banning MySpace in schools:

No R-rated movies, and now no access to MySpace? What fun is going to public school in Montgomery County these days? NBC 4 is reporting that MoCo school officials have decided to ban access to the popular online social networking site from school computers, having expressed concern over students' use of the widely used site to publish private information that can be used against them or against others by online predators. Critics call the move an invasion of privacy.

Fuck the critics, I call this the most intelligent thing a county government has ever done. If it wasn't in Maryland, I'd already be packing to move from my overpriced-house-in-va to my ridiculously-overpriced-house-in-md.

That's right princess, add this to your top 8:


the Alpha John said...

And hopefully this is also MySpace related:

"NEW YORK (CNN) -- A 13-year-old New Jersey girl missing since Monday was found Thursday in New York City, and told police she had been raped.


State police, who assisted Jersey City police in culling evidence from the girl's home computer, said "she was visiting a lot of sites she shouldn't have been visiting," Troy added.

thecardaddy said...

according to the article in this months vanity fair, myspace is taking over the world. resistance is futile.

Anonymous said...

So wait.. you don't like MySpace? But John... how else will desperate gamers and girls trying to get pregnant find their mates?