Thursday, March 09, 2006

Dashboard Blogging

I wouldn't go so far as to say that Dashboard in Mac OS 10.4 has changed my life, but it's cool to have my bills up in the browser window and use the calculator in there to add things up (since you can see what's behind the Dashboard while you're in it).

Google just released Widgets for Dashboard that include Blogger, Gmail, and Search History. As you can see from the screen shot, I installed the Blogger and Gmail widgets and decided to give them a try.

Neither widget is what I'd call full-featured.

The Blogger one only lets you post (no other management features), doesn't let you insert pictures, and the window grows with the text and doesn't scroll (which is annoying) but for a quick post it's cool.

The Gmail one only lets you see new messages, otherwise you have to click the button and head over to the browser to see what's in your inbox.

Not a bad first attempt, but definately still beta.

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Paul said...

No doubt that Dashboard and Spotlight have made an already user friendly OS even friendlier.

Where would I be without my Futurama Quote widget!?!