Friday, March 17, 2006

Upcoming Events

Shout in the comments if you're interested in joining.


  • March 23rd at Nation Prodigy with Adam Freeland





  • White Water Rafting

Events that become official will get their own sickning evite.

My bike rack will be on the car this weekend, and my bike goes to REI tomorrow for a tune-up. I would like to start riding regularly on Saturday afternoons (4:00pm or so) possibly as early as next weekend.


Mike said...

Another busy day at work planning your summer? Looks like fun.

the Alpha John said...

/me gives mike the finger

Mike said...

I can see you've got no sense of humor today, although remarkedly better than yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Fuck a sense of humor. Lets go to Williamsburg and drink Colonial Beer. I'm in. And I ain't laughing, funny guy. ~Jojo

Annie said...

Beer in Williamsburg = Budweiser. Hence, Busch Gardens. Not all that Colonial, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but we can PRETEND. Thats the beauty of going to Busch Gardens, which isn't ACTUALLY in Europe! :)

mere said...

williamsburg/busch gardens sounds fun to me but the timing might be bad. and maybe a bike ride or two?

the Alpha John said...

Andrew -- don't worry replying, I've already signed you up for everything (and twice for physical things like white water rafting).

Anonymous said...

I like Busch! G-spOt