Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Worthless Wednesdays

theAlphaJohn: i have a wonderful idea
theAlphaJohn: why don't we get 20 IT people to sit in a room for an hour and discuss how we think the university should do business
theAlphaJohn: and then we can decide not to include the people who have the most information about this problem because we don't like them
Kirsten: too funny
Kirsten: i think we already just did that ...
theAlphaJohn: shit!!!
theAlphaJohn: who stole my idea??
Kirsten: rofl
theAlphaJohn: Bobby P and I are BFF now
Kirsten: too funny...i noticed that
theAlphaJohn: we have charms
Kirsten: rofl
theAlphaJohn: mine says "CMDB" for change mgt db and his says "CRB" for change review board
theAlphaJohn: it's a little database, but broken in half
theAlphaJohn: very masculine
Kirsten: lmao

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