Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Red-state Cars and Blue-state Cowboys

CNN Money is running this article about the Theatre Owners Preview of Pixar's Cars:

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - Movie theater owners gave an enthusiastic reception to Pixar Animation Studios Inc.'s film "Cars" at its first public screening at a Las Vegas trade show late Tuesday.
Expectations are high for the movie since Pixar (up $0.32 to $65.92, Research), which has agreed to be bought by Walt Disney Co. (up $0.16 to $28.82, Research), has an unbroken series of hits and makes films at the pace of about one a year.


Another attendee, who asked not to be named, described the film's race-car-themed story line and folksy soundtrack, featuring songs by Sheryl Crow and Brad Paisley, as "the perfect antidote to (gay cowboy movie) 'Brokeback Mountain"' for more conservative red-state audiences.

I find "antidote" to be an interesting word. Apparently the Blue-states have somehow poisoned liberal Hollywood into making a left-leaning moving that greedy Jewish theatre owners across America chose to run because people wanted to see it.

What we need is for Walmart to open theatres inside their stores for families who believe in wholesome American values to come watch Bambi and anything Arnold was in.

Come to think of it, Walmart is going to sell the morning-after pill after all, and Jesus wouldn't like that. Perhaps a cartoon about an up-and-coming race car who becomes trapped in a ghost town is what the Red-states need (that, and medicine for their rickets).

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