Friday, March 24, 2006

Concert :: The Prodigy

George, Kristin, and I (the WTX/STi trifecta) went to an all-ages concert at Nation last night with Adam Freeland and The Prodigy.

Thursday nights at Nation are typically reserved for Alchemy, which is the Goth/Industrial night. In addition to "normal" concert goers, one was treated to people in floor-length cloaks, goggles, gas masks, mohawks, pointy hair, lots of leather and fishnets, and a variety of men who didn't look so hot in women's clothes.

For example, this young man (about 18 years old and probably 6'2" 150lbs) decided to dress like a young blind girl who went shopping at H&M. Pink and yellow neon tank tops, fishnets, and a hideous skirt:

After Fluffer DJ #1 and Fluffer DJ #2 shat out their version of "I don't need no stinking lessons...I'm a DJ" we were greeted by the musical stylings of Adam Freeland:

If you gave your Technics 1200 an allowance and it shopped at Hot Topic, it would be spinning something identical to what Freeland does. It was an hour of Bitch must have done a slow down and dropped the beat five times.

The place was packed though, and everybody was there to hear "Voodoo People", "Smack My Bitch Up", and "Fire Starter", including the group of 16 year olds we ended up moshing with (the pit literally formed around us).

That, and a little diner food from Metro 29 makes for a perfect Thursday night in my book.

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