Thursday, March 16, 2006

Stern admits to sabotaging Opie & Anthony

On Tuesday of this week, Howard Stern admitted on Sean Hannity's radio program that he did in fact have Mel Karmazin gag O&A from mentioning him at all on their WNEW show. When Howard was asked how this related to his position on censorship and freedom of speech, he responded: "That's right. I believe in censoring anyone who is my enemy." He also added, "I believe in censorship when it benefits me."

Friday Morning Quarterback, a website for radio industry news, published this article yesterday which covered both the Stern interview by Hannity on Tuesday as well as Hannity's appearance on Opie & Anthony Wednesday:

Hannity, appearing on O&A's program this morning discussing the Stern interview, tried to say Stern deserved credit for not dodging the subject, but O&A immediately cut him off, pointing out that this is the first time in the 5+ years that Stern has admitted to his behind-the-scenes wrangling. They also pointed out that the issue went beyond O&A not mentioning Stern on their program and included guests being blocked from appearing on their show. One CBS Radio insider told FMQB that, at the time, then-K-Rock PD Steve Kingston would block music artists from appearing on O&A's program, a statement verified by a couple anonymous record reps. "There was an admission that they were telling people not to appear on our show," explained Anthony.

Back to current day, O&A and their "Pests" have been wreaking havoc with portions of Stern's Sirius Satellite Radio channels. Recently, Scott Ferrell's test run on Sirius was derailed by O&A's fan base as they inundated and controlled the phone lines making it impossible for Ferrell to get a caller on the air that wasn't a fan of O&A.

O&A have also been pointing out what they call more hypocrisy by Stern for taking off certain Fridays, playing audio of Stern, Robin Quivers and Artie Lange discussing why it is important to be in the studio five days a week. "If you are not there on Fridays, then you are doing a disservice to your audience," says Stern in the audio clip. "If you are going to do this job, then you show up every day and give it your best."

The O&A Pests also got written up in this article. Howard even gave them air time after pulling Scott Farrell off the air when the Pests sabotaged his radio show.

If only Howard Stern had been on the plane that crashed into the 14th Street bridge, we wouldn't have to endure this sad ending to his career.

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