Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Auburn, NY :: The Epicenter of Weirdness

I have an odd bond with my chiropractor -- he was born in Casanovia but spent many years in Auburn before moving here to Northern Virginia. We are both Auburnians who are not of Auburn (while I was born there, I was 2 when I escaped).

On Monday, we discussed the food in Auburn, and I got him all worked up for italian at Lasca's (which looks like a funeral home) and good italian bakeries and tasty Byrne Dairy Milk.

Today was my re-examination to see how my treatment has gone, and we spent a lot of time chit-chatting about how odd Auburn is, and how people who don't have the Auburn connection don't understand how fucking crazy it is.

This is the part where I could go into detail about a pizza from Wheels or Angelo's (where he mops the floor and then the oven, in that order, and with the same mop), but really I shouldn't have to. I'll just leave you with this:


Anonymous said...

I always wanted my ashes sprinkled on a pizza when I expire.-Now I can have it done all at the same place! G-spOt

Anonymous said...

Where's Ballons? I want a prison beer. Bad. Love you! ~J

Laurie said...

You know..sadly we all wanted to go to Lasca's for prom...and the food SUCKED now that I have eaten in real I don't miss Auburn

Anonymous said...

Auburn sucks,the people are rude, nosey, and know it alls!The streets are awful,there are four way stop signs on nearly every corner and people don't seem to understand what driveways are for.The food sucks,as if you can't eat anything unless there's some sort of tomato product poured over it.{possibly because NYers can't cook}The economy is horrible,the pay scale is low {it may be that way on account of most ppeople here are a weeee...bit lazy!}