Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dropping my digital frat weight

After kaitain died in January [1] [2] [3], I needed to make changes to my website so it would run in a chroot jail.

My personal website design is pushing five years old, and while I was still at FELD I had toyed with the idea of a rewrite but didn't have any time to invest in it. During the process of making it chroot safe, however, I came to the conclusion it's time for it to go.

Rewriting the site needs to be done in a couple phases:
(1) make existing site work inside chroot jail [done in April]
(2) get rid of five years of cruft content (including favorites like "Lesbian blind date") [done as of 5 minutes ago]
(3) choose a new site design
(4) code like a mother
(5) beer

I used the metrics from my Google Analytics account to decide what pages had to stay and what should go. For now the Lawson pages stay, but much of my photoshop stuff and the page about stupid tv shows had to die.

For now, it's workable. We'll see how motivated I am to choose a new site design and start coding. I may end up moving my pictures to an external service like flickr, but we'll see. The lighter my site is, the better my options to eventually just move everything to a hosting site instead of hosting it at my house.

I don't mind running my own box, but I like to have options.


Annie said...

"I don't mind running my own box, but I like to have options." -- You just read every girl's mind.

Also, can "cruft" be the new "crunk?"

the Alpha John said...

Wow, that was TMI.

cruft and crunk are nothing alike, except for starting with c, u being the only vowel, and being 5 letters long. Dr. Dre would never get cruft...

Justin said...

I think you need more beer