Sunday, May 21, 2006

Where can I buy me some shame?

Once or twice a week I find myself at the cleaners. I'm either dropping stuff off, picking stuff up, or both. Most of the people who work there are hispanic (the "H"'s have taken the dry cleaning trade over from the asians here in Northern Virginia), but about two months ago this white thug starts working there.

Anyway, wigger has waited on me several times, and the last time I was in there it was close to closing, and this asian girl who works there (who is probably 17 at the oldest) is harassing him about his iPod on the counter and some other bullshit. So I say to him "what did you do to deserve this?" and he's like "I know, right?". Well today I'm in there and it's busy as shit, and he ends up taking care of me, and she is hassling his ass again. So I say to him "is she still giving you shit?" and girl hears me and says, "What? I don't bother him, you should see how he treats me...hee hee hee." She's walking away and he says "right -- hey he knows he's always in here when you're hassling me." So somehow it gets around to him saying "I think she needs some..." like he's stepping over the line by implying that she needs to get laid, so I look him right in the eye and say "dude I've been wondering how much longer before you're going to hit that" and look right at her. He busts out laughing and turns bright red as I take my clothes and walk out.

I'm too young to be like this, but in my day a girl didn't have to poke your facebook profile or send you a MMS picture message of her bra on your cell phone for you to take the hint. Girl wants some more white in her rice dude, help her out.

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