Monday, May 15, 2006

Hizzoner crashes his Benz

I'm still catching up on the news from last week and this past weekend, but apparently Marion Barry done-did smacked his ride up:

D.C. police cited D.C. Council member Marion Barry for a traffic violation after a minor accident early yesterday in Southeast Washington, police said.

Officers at the accident scene raised questions about Barry's sobriety, checking a box on a police report that said he appeared to be impaired. Barry (D-Ward 8) passed a breath test, however, after he was taken to the 1st District police station. He was permitted to drive home within an hour or two of the crash.

The 70-year-old former mayor was cited for failing to yield the right of way, an offense punishable by a $50 fine. He plans to contest the citation, his chief of staff said.

The crash took place at 12:10 a.m., when Barry pulled his 1990 Mercedes out of a parking space and into the path of an approaching sport-utility vehicle, police said.

Shit yeah he gonna fight that ticket. First of all, unlike our fake president, The Crunkinator still got some see-lebrity to throw around. Not to mention fiddy bucks done-buys one hell of a ho for Saturday night.

I fucking love this guy. Give DC two house voting house seats, one for Eleanor Norton-Holmes (the angriest woman alive) and one for Hizzoner. Praise him!


Banjax said...

Mayor-for-Life, baby! Remember...the b*tch set him up.

Anonymous said...

He said baby lay back,but everytime he touched her,she offered him some crack! G-spOt