Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Manorexia and boylemia

Where do these people come from? And why do I always see them?

I was shaving in the lockerroom at the gym this morning, and in walks a guy who is borderline manorexic (pretty thin for somebody who works out), and he proceeds into a stall and starts throwing up.

Now this is not "I drank too much last night and am working out too hard" boot, nor is this "3000 calories of whey protein should not be downed before I get on the treadmill" regurgitation, this is a very light "Silly goose! No Egg McMuffins! Naughty!" upchuck. It's the sound of a boylemic purging away his poor choice from a short time ago.

By the time I showered and got dressed, he was back upstairs cranking through a workout like a man posessed. Score one for gender equality.

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