Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ransim and I discuss Haute Couture

theAlphaJohn: did i send you the MIT automated dorm room link?
Ransim: no
theAlphaJohn: you must follow the link and watch the video
theAlphaJohn: push the party button, and listen to the gayest techno ever
Ransim: HAHAH all I can think is, OMG dorks
theAlphaJohn: when i used to go to florida and do training for the disney on ice staff, we used to joke that some of the guys need "you got game" training, cause they have none
theAlphaJohn: these guys need a 001-level course
Ransim: I'd hate to be in a room near theirs though
theAlphaJohn: no kidding
theAlphaJohn: 3am influx of nerds...the girl with the mousey hair who has never met conditioner
Ransim: hahahaha
theAlphaJohn: they get drunk and discuss episodes of Laguna Beach
Ransim: HAHAHA do they wear the stuff they see on MTV because it has a +10 aura of cool and a +3 change of attracting the opposite sex?
theAlphaJohn: nerds wearing hollister, little do they know, is no better than nerds in mt dew tee shirts and old navy cargo pants
Ransim: like the great hat of Rico sauve channeling?
theAlphaJohn: lol
Ransim: "like omg dood I totally got this shirt from hot topic and the guy that works there says its like totally +10 for Charisma, so i can attract chicks"
theAlphaJohn: skinny guys with bed head are not more attractive in a shirt that says "i gave your mom a ride"
Ransim: LOL
theAlphaJohn: i should put a course proposal together and send it to mit
Ransim: fat girls in sparkly baby tshirts and stringy hair are not made more hotter by the shirt sporting a playboy symbol either
Ransim: heh
theAlphaJohn: omg indeed
theAlphaJohn: actually here's a serious faux paux i saw at starbucks today, i need an opinion
Ransim: k
theAlphaJohn: is there an age when you're "too old" to have two-tone hair (black and bleach blonde) and wear eye shadow with glitter in it?
Ransim: yea, like 22 or 23 maybe depending on how you look
theAlphaJohn: so if you're pushing 40? like late 30s?
Ransim: no
Ransim: unless you LOOK like you're in your early 20s
theAlphaJohn: yeah not so much
theAlphaJohn: i just wanted to shake her and say "i know you're listing to Pixie by Ani diFranco in your car, but you're not a paper doll"
Ransim: lol
Ransim: I hate seeing old women dressed like they're teenagers
Ransim: *shudders* especially in halter tops with their sharp shoulder blades and wrinkly old people flesh out, and saggy old women boobs without a bra *shudder*
Ransim: I also have a special hate on for capri pants as well
theAlphaJohn: *nod*
theAlphaJohn: I don't understand all the guys in mandles
theAlphaJohn: but my ex-gf was a nazi about mandles and manpris
Ransim: ewww yeah I can understanding the mandles when you're at the beach they are alot more comfy then flip flops, but every single day?
Ransim: and flip flops.... nothing urks me more then seeing people in sweat shirts, jeans and FLIP FLOPS
Ransim: at least we aren't in japan
Ransim: ganguro *shudder*
theAlphaJohn: *gasp*
Ransim: you've never seen ganguro?
theAlphaJohn: no
theAlphaJohn: so basically, it's a fashion trend of all that is horrible
Ransim: yup... crazy japanese
theAlphaJohn: would the american version be fake tan, glitter eye shadow, a spiral perm after bleaching one's hair white, low-rise capri pants, halter top, thong, tramp stamp on the lower back, coach purse, and very high pointy shoes?
Ransim: or a candy raver
theAlphaJohn: lol
theAlphaJohn: it is foam rave season
theAlphaJohn: the most hygenine that candy ravers get all year
Ransim: HAHAH

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