Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mephistopheles interviewed by CNN Money

Given the number of people addicted to massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs), I've said several times now that the end of civilization will come in the form of a cell phone based MMOG.

Apparently the co-founder of Id Software is ready to cash in on that idea:

John Carmack's hobbies probably aren't a lot like yours.

He spends two days a week building rocket ships. His idea of a getaway weekend consists of holing up in a hotel room and writing programming code. And he likes to speculate on worst-case scenarios for the video game industry (and believe me, this guy can envision some scary stuff).

These days, though, cell phones are his primary hobby - specifically making games for them. It started as a lark, he said, but it has become something he quietly hopes will revolutionize gaming.


"We're probably going to have a sequel to 'Orcs and Elves' but I'm really into the idea of a massively multiplayer cell phone title," he said. "I have absolutely no interest in going and competing with Blizzard in the high end of that market, but a cell phone version might be interesting."

If by "interesting", you mean "cataclysmic", then you are correct.

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