Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Concert :: Paul Oakenfold

Last Thursday, Kristin and I went to see Paul Oakenfold hosted by Glow at Club Fur here in DC.

For those who don't know, Oakenfold is a British trance DJ who came to prominence in the late-1990s. These days, most of his time is spent overseeing his label, Perfecto Records (home to Paul van Dyk, among others).

Of his music (and stage presence), people generally have one of three opinions:

  • [Non-scene People] - "Oh my God, Paul Oakenfold is the hardest techno DJ ever. Oh-can-fold! Oh-can-fold!"

  • [Candy Kids and Scene Regulars] - "What, he actually spun this time? his pre-recorded CD must've gotten lost or misplaced." and "Perfecto Presents: My sellout-ass needs to build our brand and make us more loot."

  • [Moderates like myself] - Sometimes Oakenfold is good, sometimes he's not, but the crowd is by far the most entertaining part of the night.

Not only did we get our dance on for three hours, but my night was made by the group of five or six highschool kids who apparently scored some black mitsubishi for the evening. It was like time lapse photography watching them get more and more out of it until it was clear they were going to miss homeroom the next day.

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