Monday, April 03, 2006

How to Defeat a MySpace Addiction

The Lawson Guru himself John Henley spotted this article about defeating a MySpace addiction and shot it my way. A couple highlights include:

  • Stop communicating with people through MySpace and correspond with only those you know, as fellow addicts only contribute to your problem. If you don't want to cut them off completely, consider just taking the friendships that you value off of MySpace. Get their phone numbers, email addresses, AIM screen names, ICQ numbers, or any other information that may be a way of contacting them outside of MySpace. (See Tips.)

  • Print out your page. You've probably personalized it and tweaked it to reflect your personality. In a way, it's a work of art that you created. You don't want it to be lost forever, so save a copy in print. Having a hard copy will make it easier to let go of your profile online.

While this is a nice first crack and bringing an end to MySpace addition, I doubt people will stop going to MySpace until it stops being cool and some new tard-mating site pops up.

What I really need to do is invent the next MySpace and cash out. The problem is coming up with a name that NetNanny won't block, because I suspect and aren't going to make the cut.

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