Friday, April 14, 2006

Political Machinations

Rummy isn't having a very good day, what with all these generals coming out to declare his ineptness. Bush continues to defend him with that huge 32% approval rating of his, but I was hoping Susann might help me push him over the edge:

theAlphaJohn: remember how you got me on wonkette?
Susann: yes.
theAlphaJohn: can you do something like that again for me?
Susann: for what?
theAlphaJohn: get donald rumsfeld to resign
theAlphaJohn: :)
Susann: got any damaging evidence?
Susann: other than the obvious?
theAlphaJohn: no but i could invent some
theAlphaJohn: Carl Rove does it every hour on the hour
theAlphaJohn: when he's not eating Wendys

If you haven't seen this video when Bush was questioned by a John Hopkin's student about the rule of law (or lack of) governing military contractors, you must:

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Justin said...

How much is the Visa? If it's only a few thousand Candaian bucks then I think I can find a few pennies to cover that.

Sarah Letnes said...

According to my friend Sarah P, a Canadian visa is harder to obtain than you'd think.

Anonymous said...

I still love bush! Hahaha