Friday, April 14, 2006

The War on MySpace :: Gang Members in your Top 8

From DCist:
Area Gangs Going Online: Just one day after the news that MySpace is hiring a security chief to protect its users, the Post delivers a fantastically entertaining article on area gangs' use of social networking sites to chat, make threats, download awesome gun cursors, and generally explore the intersection between stylesheets and street cred. We find it almost as scary as it is hilarious — particularly since our plan to end this paragraph with a joke about Yahoo Groups and the Crips was unexpectedly foiled.

Just think, your sponsor could text message you who to hit when you're jumping in, you could use your camera phone to recognize, post it in your photos section, blog about it, and end up in MS-13's Top 8 that week. Then they could blast out important social messages like "we're planning a stabbing in College Park tonight" and everyone will be sure to get it.

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