Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Message to all Undergrads

While this is primarily aimed at the darling young lady outside my building twenty minutes ago, this is a general announcement for guys and girls living away at college:

Remember when you were in highschool (probably a senior), and your had one or two "going out" outfits (primarily a nicer, different pair of jeans and a form-fitting tee shirt or tank top) that you hoped would draw positive, hookup-related attention in your direction when you and your social circle were out?

That same outfit, while appropriate for today's sunshine and warm weather is not appropriate for the "Freshman 15" you picked up eating your three squares in the JC or at Ciao Hall. 

Go put on something that fits.


Anonymous said...

You just hit on my most important rule (and I have many).

"No matter if you are a size 2, or a size 22, 'know your body!'"

Mike said...

Ah, but when the plums are ripe, so are the eggplants. With one comes the other, my friend. Ain't Spring great?!

Anonymous said...

Just because they make it in your size, doesn't mean it looks good on you. ~J ;)