Saturday, April 15, 2006

So much makes sense now

My parents are here for Easter and through Thursday -- my mother emailed me yesterday and said "do you have plans for Easter? We're thinking of coming for a visit and helping to do some stuff around the house." Very nice of them so I took them up on the offer.

They arrived tonight, and apparently their cats (which were our cats when Amy and I lived with them) Squeekie and Stucco have become anti-social and down right mean at times. Squeekie drifts in and out of heat (despite being fixed and medicated) all the time, howling at all hours of the morning. They've been debating having her put to sleep (poor little monster has other health issues) but they can't bring themselves to do it.

Later in the evening we discussed a suggestion by their financial advisor to get long-term care insurance. In looking it over, they tell me they've agreed instead to murder each other if one ever gets into a long-term care arrangement.

Of course, these are the people who haven't slept in six months because an aged cat is howling all night and they won't put her down. Yes, these same people are going to snuff out their spouse of 32 years to invalidate the need for another insurance policy.


My dad still wins the award from three years ago:
Me: Hey April you and mom will have been married 30 years.
Dad: That's right
Me: Wow. What are you getting her for your anniversary?
Dad: Thirty paces and pistols at dawn.


Anonymous said...

Even * I * couldn't put Squeekie down. Who would eat all the cheese? :( ~J

Annie said...

And I just love that pic of your dad.

Mike said...

It's obvious that your Dad's sense of humor was passed on to the next generation.