Friday, April 21, 2006

Meredith swims the 1600 at George Mason

After meeting with my tutor, I went over to the Aquatic Center to see Meredith swim in a meet there. Her triathlon coach encouraged them to join Curl Burke's Masters Team and swim in some of these meets to get more practice and experience with the swim portion. By doing this, Curl Burke gets distance credit.

Meredith takes off:

Strong finish:

She had an excellent showing overall, especially since it was her first time out at this. Amusingly enough, the woman in lane one got out of the pool after 12 minutes because she "wasn't feeling it" so they DQ'ed her. Better than that though, the heat before Meredith swam, they called time when the slowest guy was only on lap 37 (they have to swim 66 laps) and was handed his cane when he got out of the pool. Good for him that he can get his swim on at 134 years old, but damn did he hold everything up.


Annie said...

Did she win? I can't tell.

Go Meredith!

the Alpha John said...

She swam in lane 6 and came in fifth in her heat.

mere said...

um yea no winning here. i did get lapped by a guy my dad's age but im a triathlete - we dont do much of anything blisteringly fast:)
it was fun though and my time was pretty much what i thought it would be - 28:04. not bad for someone who doesnt know the meaning of the word "fast".