Saturday, April 08, 2006

Two fine new blogs

As spotted on Wonkette...

DC Bachelor

A primer for the ladies.

I can tell you why you are not meeting men and why you will eventually spend approximately 5% of your entire life span bitching about how you can’t seem to meet men and asking where to meet them.

Somewhere along the line, women got retarded. It’s like a college education and more opportunities in the workplace made us all stupider in the natural laws of attraction. What I’m going to tell you is solid gold, and if you disagree, then you’re an idiot, and will probably die alone.

1. First of all, why are you turning down social invitations? I hear this all the time from women. "I’m too tired" or "I have to go let my dog out" or "I really have to wash clothes" … really? All of these things are more important than potentially meeting an attractive, eligible man? If you get invited to do something, even if it sounds lame, GO. You’re not going to meet men sitting on your couch in your PJs watching a "Project Runway" marathon. If you live out of town, find friends who live in the District who will let you crash on their couch if you go out at night...and learn the art of walk-of-shame shopping. As a codicil, if you are double- or triple-booked, try to go to everything, if even for only 10 minutes."

First Date DC
March 29, 2006 -- Don’t make love to me
301was310 writes, "The words, "make love" turn me off - is there something wrong with me?

My issue is this: if a guy acts romantic or says anything resembling, "make love," I am completely turned off. I really just want to "fuck"; don’t get me wrong, this has no reflection on wanting to date the person or even get serious with them. In fact, I usually do want to date them if I am attracted to them sexually. It’s just that when it comes to sex, I like it dirty. Overtly romantic gestures or a guy saying something like, "I want to make love to you" actually makes me feel physically ill and I am no longer attracted to the person. Does that mean i am really f-ed up? Am I doomed to be single forever?"


DCB says, "I love you. God this is what I’m talking about: a sexy girl who just likes to have sex.

The reason guys like to give you oral is because they think it’s the only way they can hook you. They are not confident that their man snake can give you enough pleasure to get a second try. Instead of wasting time how to pleasure a woman orally, a man should know how to use the snake to its fullest potential, unless of course you are the disgraceful owner of a micropenis. Drop me an email the next time you are in DC."

As a bonus, DC Bachelor's "Best of" include DC Puppy Rental Service and Housing Crunch (or, would someone from Craigslist actually rent my laundry room?)


Ran Kailie said...

If you get invited to do something, even if it sounds lame, GO. You’re not going to meet men sitting on your couch in your PJs watching a "Project Runway" marathon.

No but you aren't going to meet Mr. Right necessarily out at some lame boring social outting. People should revolve their lives around trying to find someone generally that person will find them or they'll meet up at the most random moments.

Telling people to take every social invitation available, even ones that are lame, uninteresting or boring is stupid. I'm sure you'll be really attractive attending something you're bored stiff at.

Quality not quantity

And personally speaking I think there is a difference between make love and fucking. Either can be enjoyable, depending on the mood. But people should try to be open to both, stigmatizing either (more commonly it being "fucking") isn't good for anyone.

If its between consenting adults who gives a damn.

And I won't even get started on the bullshit idea that a man pleasures a woman orally because he has penis issues. Maybe, just maybe its because he's trying to go the extra mile, or be considerate? Maybe he enjoys it? Maybe he's just trying to make sure he's not the only one who gets the happy ending?

Anonymous said...

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