Friday, April 28, 2006

Congressman Sweeney (R-NY) campaigns at a Frat Party

Thank you Wonkette for being the only people to read The Albany Times Union Blog.

How amazing is this? Let's have a debate class...

Point (Melissa Carlson, Congressman Sweeney's Chief of Staff):
"As a committed representative of the people throughout the area where he lives and works, he enjoyed the discussion he shared with the students from Union College. (Sweeney) was impressed with the energy and enthusiasm displayed by the students - particularly on a Friday evening."

Counter-Point (John Tomlin, 20, drunk frat boy in attendance):
(Tomlin) said he had interviewed a number of people who corroborated his recollection of the evening.

"If anyone from his district was there, they wouldn’t vote for him."


In parting, I'll leave you with this from the Times Union Blog:

Sweeney came to the party with Paulie Lichorat, a longtime friend of the congressman who owns Geppetto’s, a bar popular with Union students that is located across the street from Alpha Delt. Sweeney was in Schenectady to attend the wake of a close friend, Carlson told The Concordy, although she didn’t say who.

Union College President James Underwood told the paper that just because Sweeney appeared drunk to the students (who, of course, have no experience in identifying someone under the influence) doesn’t mean he was.

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