Friday, April 21, 2006

DirecTV :: Opie & Anthony removed from DTV's XM Lineup

This is all over the place, including Foundry Music and Orbitcast:

Many of you have written in complaining that the Opie and Anthony Show is no longer on DirecTV, and we have the official scoop from our pal, Eric "E-LO" Logan. Here's the deal:
- DirecTV removed ALL non-music programming from its lineup.
- The Opie and Anthony Show was one of several shows that were removed.
- DirecTV is moving in a music-only direction, and since the O&A show didn't fit into that criteria, it was removed
- The decision to remove the non-music programming was NOT due to performance or content issues.
- If you have any questions or comments regarding the removal of the Opie and Anthony Show from the DirecTV lineup, you should contact DirecTV, and not XM Satellite Radio

Stupid DirecTV. I tried to extort $12.95 a month out of them for the rest of my contract (since my ability to dump my XM subscription was one of the reasons I chose them), but they didn't bite.

It is, however, cheaper to dump them and switch, so maybe I'll just do that.

Fuck DirecTV.

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