Friday, January 13, 2006

Autistic Software

theAlphaJohn: it only took five hours after turning debugging on for Luminis to crap out and die
theAlphaJohn: i sent my new SCT super tech the dump he needed
Kirsten: huh, 5 hours not bad..
theAlphaJohn: it's our little underachiever
Kirsten: ADHD child
Kirsten: oh and autisic too
theAlphaJohn: ugh
theAlphaJohn: don't talk to me about autistic kids today
Kirsten: lmao
theAlphaJohn: i was swimming last night after class, i do this lap swim class 4 nights a week.
Kirsten: and...
theAlphaJohn: they added an autistic kid our class yesterday because he bombed out of the kids stoke mechanics class (he was interrupting everything too much) but apparently it's ok to fuck with our rhythm
Kirsten: rofl
theAlphaJohn: his dad desperately wants to mainstream him, which is fine if the kid can deal with it
theAlphaJohn: guess what?
theAlphaJohn: he cant
Kirsten: that is too funny

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Annie said...

I just want the record to show that the crap lap swimming class in question is not mine. that shit is wack. my class OWNS!