Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Teany Time

Annie emailed me last night to see if I wanted to swim with her after work, so we rolled over to Spring Hill about 7:30pm. After she worked her magic and got me under the velvet rope (cause that $8 one-time-use fee would have busted me good), we jumped in the pool and spent about 90 minutes going through our workout. We spent some time at the wall chatting, but we did quite a bit of swimming too. A very different (and good different) type of workout than I'm used to in our regular lap swim -- which incidentally resumes four days a week starting next Monday. We're going to try to get another swim in on Sunday, followed hopefully by a 7,000 calorie brunch from Cafe Deluxe.

When I finally left Spring Hill last night, I considered eating the seats in the Gold Stratus I was so hungry, but instead I thought "I'll hit McDonalds and get a yougart parfait" so I survive the trip home. On the 5 minute drive over to McDonalds it became apparent that I was about 90 seconds from fainting, so I decided that maybe I'd get a plain grilled chicken sandwich and maybe just have something light when I got home. I figured that McDonald's couldn't really fuck up a chicken sandwich with nothing on it, could they? To my complete surprise, apparently they have a new (new could be in the last five fucking years for all I know) grilled chicken sandwich that comes on this oval shaped wheat bun, and it was (to borrow a Jew Andrew saying) "completely spectacular". The chicken sandwich and the yougart was exactly what I needed, except maybe an ambian because I couldn't sleep once I got home.

Before the break, my trainer Christina decided that five mornings a week was a bit much for her (my occasionally oversleeping aside), so she and I are getting together Tuesdays and Thursday now and I have a different trainer named Walter on Mondays and Wednesdays (the fallacy being that I will actually go to the gym on Fridays all by myself). I met Walter this morning, he seems very cool. We had a dandy workout where he proceeded to nicely bust my ass for the entire morning. Since this was our first time working together, he sort of picked weight I was used to and we did burn outs to see how many reps I could really do. I am really going to feel this tomorrow. One set of flies I did 45 reps (we normally do 12-15, clearly not enough weight) and I did a couple crazy ab exercises today that I'm sure will make it impossible to get out of bed tomorrow.

Between those two ass-breaking events, and the useless 1:15pm meeting I had today, I went home at lunch and snuck a 20 minute nap. Now I'm just trying to burn the last hour of the day up so I can go home. I just made myself a nice cup of piping hot tea that I bought the last time I was at Teany in NYC with Meredith.

And now a picture of a mean, biting kitty cat to make this post complete.

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