Friday, January 20, 2006

Kensington, Maryland Jewish Lightning

Annie: i have to take my f-ing tv back to best buy AGAIN. i'm so mad
theAlphaJohn: why?
Annie: my mom gave me a new tv for my bedroom for xmas
Annie: it had a flaw in the pic like magnetic damage so i took it back
Annie: we stood in line last night for over 30 minutes to exchange it
Annie: i get home, plug in the new one same problem only worse
theAlphaJohn: bitches
theAlphaJohn: what brand is it?
Annie: toshiba
Annie: i'm going back and getting a magnavox but now i've gotta pack it all up again and struggle back to the store with it
Annie: i wonder if i can get best buy to come pick it up and deliver a new one
theAlphaJohn: i think if you call and bitch enough they will. jew andrew can teach you
Annie: i don't need lessons i usually get my way
theAlphaJohn: he bought a grill from lowes and almost burned his house down, they came, took it away, and brought him an insane new grill. his menorah was spinning so fast he almost took flight.
Annie: how did his grill almost burn down his house?
theAlphaJohn: his love of weiners made him turn the heat up too high
Annie: haha
Annie: that's wrong


thecardaddy said...

jew andrew again has to be the spelling police. its "menorah"!! silly goyim.

and do not poke fun of my love of weiners. ever.

boris859 said...

i would pay money to see andrew in a loews... trying to pick out a grill.