Monday, January 23, 2006

I should be in bed

George and I have both setup Fire to work with Google Talk over a week ago, but tonight is the first time we ran into each other online:

Football George: omfg
Football George: so it does work
theAlphaJohn: !!!
Football George: cool
Football George: i thought i had it fucked up
theAlphaJohn: what's ur google talk address?
theAlphaJohn:'re on there already
theAlphaJohn: this is like jew magic
Football George: yeah
Football George: it said once that you subscribed to my google ass
Football George: shouldn't you be in bed
theAlphaJohn: yeah i should be
theAlphaJohn: my bed broke again, i just fixed it
Football George: ...
Football George: lesbian fist fight in it again?
theAlphaJohn: fat girls from winchester, what can i say?
Football George: well that's fun
theAlphaJohn: some men are 7s chasing an 8, and some are 7s chasing two 4s
Football George: haha
theAlphaJohn: did you see on my house blog that i have hamsterfied my closet?
Football George: hmm
Football George: i don't think rojo picked it up
Football George: rojo is occassionally having some issues with my feeds and it is causing extreme angst
theAlphaJohn: that is unacceptable
Football George: they don't seem to hit peoples rss feeds often enough like i'll get updates in huge spurts
Football George: very annoying to know a post has been out there for HOURS and i did not know
theAlphaJohn: rojo is fired and deported for burning dinner and forgetting the drycleaning
Football George: yeah
theAlphaJohn: i'll write you and RSS reader in ocaml
Football George: i want that ocaml book that is only in french
Football George: so i can master it
theAlphaJohn: you need to learn french first
theAlphaJohn: neither ocaml nor french are worth learning
Football George: i'll hire a hot translator chick on craigslist
Football George: she'll have bush like you wouldn't believe
theAlphaJohn: "SWM Seeks fluent French speaker for translation, watersports"
Football George: lol
Football George: perhaps
theAlphaJohn: i got your email...what were you and sleeper talking about?
Football George:
theAlphaJohn: is that like myspace?
Football George: no, it actually doesn't suck
theAlphaJohn: umm i'm on there and i'm looking at camera phone shots of teenagers bedrooms
theAlphaJohn: not hot at all
Football George: are you trying to get me arrested?
theAlphaJohn: this picture:

theAlphaJohn: 0% hot, 0% art
theAlphaJohn: awkard teen girls who pad their bra, not so much sexy
Football George: hm
Football George: i should clarify by saying i only browse specific categories
Football George: juste because you immediately clicky clicked on the "hot broads from pittsburgh" link
theAlphaJohn: maybe she's going to be raising a joey kangaroo in that pouch


Football George: plz stop now k thx
theAlphaJohn: this is like livejournal, only i dunno what he's listening to or how he's feeling
theAlphaJohn: if you look closely, you can see spiderman underoos with skidmarks on the floor
Football George: you know
Football George: i go to deviantart all the time for backgrounds
Football George: i clicky clicky for maybe 2-3 minutes in categories like "buildings" "sky" "landscape" etc and i find something awesome
Football George: you immediately go to the 15 yo skaterat hangout
theAlphaJohn: i discovered this weekend that i have something to destory before myspace and livejournal...hollister
theAlphaJohn: cotton candy is spun from sugar, and hollister is spun from skaterats and evil
Football George: what is hollister
theAlphaJohn: from the people who brought you abercrombie
theAlphaJohn: only more beach, less...substance
Football George: oh
Football George: gross
theAlphaJohn: lots of teeshirts that say things like "your mom's box"


boris859 said...

hahaha, good stuff.

but i know how to predict the first comment...

attention car daddy... please keep the spelling highlights to a minimum, it's late, m'kay?

the Alpha John said...


/me turns off "Jew-check"

thecardaddy said...

i don't know what fire or google-talk are. how many damn chat things do you need?

what is an rss feed?

actually....who am i kidding? i care about computers like i care about sports.

hollister models are hot :)

the Alpha John said...

They'll be a lot hotter when I infect them all with hemorrhagic fever.