Monday, January 30, 2006

My New Vanity Plate?

From the George Mason Student Handbook:
George Mason vs. James Madison Rivalry

The Patriots and Dukes, located just 95 miles apart, annually meet head to head to compete in 18 sports. Both schools are members of the 10-school Colonial Athletic Association.

With students from many local high schools attending the two universities, the matches offer opportunities for friendly competition between former classmates and often serve as natural high school reunions. As one of the best in-state rivalries, George Mason and James Madison basketball games are hard to match in spirit and intensity. After a James Madison loss, George Mason students can be heard chanting "66 West, 81 South" in reference to how the losers drive home.


Annie said...

Sadly, as I have told you, this is a non-existent rivalry, or at least a one-way one. Northern VA students make up a small amount of the JMU student body compared to the GMU, which is largely a commuter school. JMU has too many students from other parts of VA and other states to care about GMU -- not to mention the fact that GMU never sends JMU home with a loss. GMU doesn't even have a football team, and ODU is the only team in the CAA that matters to JMU.

the Alpha John said...

Would that be the same ODU that we schooled on Saturday?

Don't be messin' with George Mason's Fighting Commuters. Respect son.

Anonymous said...

OverDose University! G-spOt