Friday, January 27, 2006

The only car worse than a Gold Dodge Stratus

I dropped the WRX off at the body shop this afternoon. I don't know why they're not making the payment on it since they have it more than I do.

I got to Enterprise to pick up my rental, and USAA had not booked one for me. They called over to Brown's and they put it on their account until Eric the manager straightens that out.

Enterprise put me into a Grey Chevy Montecarlo. I want to know what salty, red state, riverboat casino gambling grandmother was deprived of that turd by Enterprise. What a stupid car.


thecardaddy said...

omg you poor thing. a monte carlo? how unfortunate for you.

MyManMisterC said...

How can you kill the Dodge Stratus. I have the R/t sports coupe. Fast off the line. But I am realy excited for the new Challenger.

the Alpha John said...

American cars make me throw up a little in my mouth.

Justin said...

Dude, get the evil geni to use his powers to get you an Audi.