Friday, January 13, 2006

Cereal Killer :: Kashi Go Lean

Annie and I had a discussion a week or so ago about breakfast, and how I wish I could eat oatmeal every day but I can't so I end up eating cheerios or something equally nutritionless. She suggested I try Kashi Go Lean, so I picked some up at the grocery store last week. This morning we once again found ourselves talking about cereal:

Annie: i really wanted fruit loops and ice cold milk this morning for some weird reason
Annie: i haven't had fruit loops in years
theAlphaJohn: i had cheerios
theAlphaJohn: i did get that crazy cereal you suggested the other day
Annie: kashi go lean?
theAlphaJohn: yeah
Annie: am i about to inherit it?
theAlphaJohn: no it's not bad, it'll take some getting used to
theAlphaJohn: if i thought i could put a bananna in it it would be tastier
theAlphaJohn: but i think i'd have to put a soy banana in it
Annie: haha
Annie: i always inherit everyone's box
Annie: they buy it, try it -- give it to me
Annie: that's my master plan to get free kashi go lean

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